Our company

This company was established in January of 2000 in Ossela by two friends and it grew gradually and consistently in the world of stainless steel. The need for better and bigger installations made us move to our new installations in Macieira de Cambra in January of 2007, thus increasing productivity, quality and a better access to our customers.

During the year of 2008 we increased our working space by acquiring a surrounding area of 2500m2, there for, also increasing the number of collaborators, from 9 to 12 both in the administrative and the technical area.

In 2013 our team grows to 21, mainly in administration.
In spite of being young, fastly developed in means and knowledge in the art of working stainless steel.
Such as: Food industry, Chemical Industry, Thermal Waters, Water Treatment and other more. We know how to work, how to make and how to create, we have the art of well-serving and the art of developing solutions.
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Rua Dr. Pinho Rocha
Zona Industrial de Pinhão - Pindelo
3720-454 Oliveira de Azeméis

Functional Steel Lda.