Chemical Industry

Leiria - Island Production

Design and assembly of a new manufacturing unit for the production of cosmetics.

Technical description:
Design, manufacture and installation of units for processing the product from the production unit (two vertical reactors of 500 l/unit, three vertical reactors of 700 l/unit., three vertical fusers of 100 l/unit, one structure tubular, etc.) cip mobile unit (one vertical tank of 300 l/unit, other 500 l/unit, etc.), and the unit water treated (one vertical deposit of 1.000 l/unit, other 2.000 l/unit, etc.).
Assembly access ladder and balconies of protection in the production unit.
Installation of about heated water boiler chimney with stainless steel, screw compressor with integrated dryer and other equipment and accessories for unit of treated water.
Installation and assembly of pipes, fittings and equipment for interconnection of multiple units.
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