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Hikma - Farmacêutica Portugal

New unit for processing pharmaceuticals.

Technical description:
Design, manufacture and installation of a vertical cylindrical reactor with jacket and isothermal in stainless steel AISI-316 (in contact with the product and the remainder in AISI-304) of 2.000 L.
Its function is the conception of various pharmaceutical products (0,9 to 1,2 kg/m3 of density and +/- 107 cP viscosity) by mixing various elements with the heating or cooling of both. This under pressure from 0 to 3,0 bar inside and 0 to 5,0 bar in jacket.
Interior finish - Surface plate and welding polished to glossy (Ra ≤ 0,5 µm).
Exterior finish - Surface plate and welding are ground glass (GR. 220).

Contains various accessories:
- Agitator mixer magnetic bottom (mixture of various elements);
- Oxygen sensor (reading of oxygen in the product);
- Temperature sensor (temperature control of the product);
- Pressure transmitter (pressure reading inside existing);
- Sparging disk (introduction of gas in the product);
- Load cells (measurement for the introduction of elements);
- Valve sample (taking of samples for laboratory);
- Valve bottom (discharge of product).

Installation and assembly of a tubular structure with access stairs and balconies protection, piping, and equipment for interconnection of the various components.
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  • Detail of the background magnetic mixer
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  • Pharmaceuticals products reactor
  • Pharmaceuticals products reactor
  • Pharmaceuticals products reactor
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